May this holi bring joy to all,

May we rise after every fall.


May our adversities be thing of the past,

May future be delightful, happiness ever last.


May more colours be in our life,

May it be better and deprived of strife.


May 'Blue' bring blessings and bliss,

May destiny greet us with a hug and a kiss.


May 'Green' give us giggle and glory,

May our life be a beautiful story.


May 'Yellow' yield us vigour and youth,

May we be bestowed with honesty and truth.


May 'Red' reward us with rainbow and rose,

May our luck everyday propose.


May 'White' wipe our worries and woes,

May we get strength and overcome lows.

16 thoughts on “Holi!”

  1. I must say this is one of yours insights that i know of… however people get in a different thrive of the word #Holi.
    Probably this is for the other zoner..
    Happy Holi!! 😊😊

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