Her clothes are enticing.

Her makeup is inviting.


She is not supposed to drink brandy.

Size of her skirt makes her look randy.


What was she doing so late at night?

Why didn't she return while the day was bright.


With whom does she keeps talking on phone?

She talks like a slut, haven't you heard her tone!


Her clothes are revealing her bra strip.

Her legs are visible! Her jeans is ripped!


If you have ever heard these, but never took a stand.

Seen someone harass her, but never lent her a helping hand.


You are as guilty as the offender,

Doesn't matter you're male, female or other gender.


Take a stand, it is high time!

If you don't, you are part of the crime.

19 thoughts on “She!”

  1. Nice lines

    Your poem makes me remember a line from paulo coelho’s “winner stands alone”
    They never notice what a woman is wearing because they’re always mentally undressing her.

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